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Camping is a great way to discover the untouched beauty of our national parks. While enjoying your camping experience.

Up on the mountains, or in our great outback, there are many things to consider before heading out.



Gold fossicking available to all campers and quests. Gold fossicking will be charged at a daily fee of $25 per person per day. All rules and guidelines are to be strictly followed any failure to do such may result in you being removed from Glendon Campgrounds.

Other services available by private fossicking contractor include guided tours, lessons and workshops all of which can be inquired on through PROSPECT OZ. Please contact Jeremiah on 0432-526920 or email prospectoz023@gmail.com

Please note the use of trail cams, active supervision and drones will be used to monitor activities to ensure safe sustainable practices are being maintained.

Please find rules and guidelines.

Your safety is your responsibility. It is the responsibility of all individual to maintain safe and responsible practices whilst fossicking.

The use of any mechanical or powered equipment is prohibited to use on Glendon Property.

Fossicking may only take place in designated Fossicking areas.

Fossicking may only occur during the hours of 8am to 5pm unless private tour or supervised workshop is taking place.

Glendon property is to be maintained and not damaged during all Fossicking practices. Damage to land, tracks, flora or fauna will not be tolerated.

Fossicking grounds are monitored by electronic surveillance and employees any damage or disrespectful behaviours will result in consequences legal or other.

Please respect all rules and responsibilities at all times as failing to do so will result in you being removed from the property indefinitely.

Motor X



Roll on up with your own bike or rain down on us with your whole club or organisation. We are happy to accommodate individuals and groups of all sizes.

Choose Glendon Camping Grounds for our tracks but stay and enjoy our other facilities too. All tracks have easy access to the campsite and those all important hot showers.

All riders must be fully qualified and respect Glendon Camping Grounds’ safety rules at all times.

All bikes and quads must be in good working order and not overly harmful to the natural environment.

Bring the children along to enjoy the day on the PEE WEE tracks.




Glendon has its own dam called (Sun Chan Dam) stocked with yellow belly, silver perch, catfish, turtles & blue claw ( yabbies )

Please check with Glendon Camping staff about your fishing rights. Sustainability is important to us so most fish will need to be thrown back to the water once caught.

Be very careful when wadding out into open water.

Always wear appropriate clothing, footwear and head protection.

Carry a first aid kit in case of any small accidents.

Do not enter the water if you are not a strong swimmer.

Take some water and snacks just in case you get peckish.



A bush walk is the perfect way to get away from it all and reconnect with nature. With our 2500 acres Glendon offers a whole host of trails for those looking to boot up and head out for a wander.

All of our walks are safe but do a bit of research before you head out and don’t overstretch yourself.

Please don’t disturb any native plant or animal communities that you come across.

Try to to walk in groups of three or more.

Always check the weather before heading out.

Remember insect repellant, sun cream, and a torch.

Make sure you are dressed adequately, especially in terms of footwear.

On longer routes always take some water and a few snacks to keep your energy levels up.





With over 2500 acres of natural beauty to explore Glendon Camping Grounds is the perfect place for bird lovers. Here you will find Australia at its most beautiful and on the endless bush walks that we are able to offer you will come across many of our great nation’s winged friends.

Some of the birds that you might happen to come across at Glendon Camping Grounds include, Rainbow Lorikeets, Cockatoos, Ibis, Australian King Parrots, Wrens and Kookaburras.

Your safety is always of paramount concern to us. Glendon Camping Grounds are a perfectly safe environment but you should also respect nature and know your own physical limitations.

It is always essential that you check out the weather forecast before you head off on any of our bush walks.
Don’t forget insect repellants and sun creams.

Be prepared for any unexpected changes in weather by taking waterproofs on all trips.

Take some water and snacks just in case you get peckish.

Bird Watching

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