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Glendon Camping Grounds


Check in not before 7.30am ( but we will try to get you in earlier if we can please prior arrange with management. )

Check out 10.00am ( but this can be extended upon prior arrangement with management. )
Please remember that other guests may be waiting to move into the space you have been using, so please try to stick to the official times as best you can.


We welcome dogs on leads at all times in the camping areas.

Dogs are welcome but they must be kept on a lead at all times.

Contact us prior to arrival with any queries about other household pets that you would like to bring along with you to Glendon.


At Glendon we are happy to allow generators on-site but all guests should be aware that a visit out here is primarily for people to enjoy the peace and quiet of this beautiful nature so there are restrictions on the times they can be used.

Please be advised that only 1 generator per group is permitted.

The generator should be as close to your camp as possible and impose as little as possible on neighbouring guests.

Generators can operated from 07.30 to 21.00.

Locate your generator clear of fuels, dry gasses, or any other combustible material.

Never leave a generator operating unattended.

Never use generators during fire bans.


Please wrap your rubbish & dispose it at our rubbish dump points do not dump broken camp chairs, sunshades, airbeds or tents.

All guests are expected to keep their site or lodging in a tidy condition throughout their stay.

Rubbish should always be securely contained until it is deposited in one of the bins provided.

Even though we provide bins, we encourage you to take your rubbish away with you as this lessens the risk of animals foraging in our bins.

Pack to minimise rubbish. Avoid bringing plastic bottles, cans, and excess wrapping.

Plan ahead and bring refuse bags and containers for your rubbish with you.

Pick up other people’s rubbish that you might come across on any trails or paths.

Take special care at night with food and rubbish.

Price Listing

ACCOMMODATION PER NIGHT Price 2 Adults All Children 7-16yrsChild 1-6yrs
Applies to
Public Hoilday Weekends School Hoilday PeriodsXmas/New Year or
Day Vistor - Half 8am-12.30pm or

Full 8am-5pmPer Person $25.00$10.00FREE
Cabins (Sleep 5) Fridge, Microwave, Jug,Toaster. You supply bedding & cutlery
$85.00 2 Adults
$50.00 1 Adult
$25.00 FREE
Powered Site
$45.00 2 Adults
$25.00 1 Adult
Unpowered Site
$32.00 2 Adults
$16.00 1 Adult
$15.00 FREE
Unpowered Site
Powered Site

ACTIVITIES  Adult (Over 16)Children (Under 16)
Motor Bikes
Full Day
8am - 5pm$35$25
Motor Bikes
Half Day
8am - 12pm or
1pm - 5pm
SXS & Quads
Full Day
8am - 5pm$35$25
SXS & Quads
Half Day
8am - 12pm or
1pm - 5pm