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Monday, 19 August 2013: Have the latest upto date news from Glendon Camping Grounds here.
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Gold Panning

At Glendon we pride ourselves on the variety of activities that we offer our guests and gold panning is one that we are especially proud of. Gold was first discovered here in 1868 and while they are no longer worked, there are definitely still some traces of the stuff to be found today. Come and try your luck!



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We hire out gold pans for only $3 per day and it is always finders keepers here.

We know a little about where is best to look, so feel free to ask us for some advice.

We also offer courses for those who have a real interest in striking it rich. We are specialists in the techniques of panning, loaming, navigating, metal detecting and more.

Feel free to bring your own metal detectors if you have them.

The biggest rumoured discovery here came in at a whopping 55 ounces.

The mines are long closed but there is certainly still some gold left in our hills, come and try your hand at uncovering it for yourself.

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